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Business Model

We are a full-scale, consumer products company that brings fresh ideas to the marketplace. Creating and launching new products is what we focus on more than anything. The following outlines what we call The Idea Stream:

Consumer-Focused. We listen to customers and consumers and are focused on being able to respond to their needs quickly with game-changing products and designs.

Wide-Open. Our open business model allows us to move with flexibility and speed without the traditional barriers that keep companies from innovating outside of their core business. We are not invested in manufacturing equipment, so we are not married to any particular material or production process. This enables us to pursue any innovative product idea, regardless of how it is made.

Global Partners. We select best-in-class companies from around the world to help us rapidly deploy new capabilities. Our expertise in sourcing allows us to manufacture products in the most competitive domestic and international markets, which ultimately maximizes value for our customers.

Commercializing. We work with the largest resellers and retailers in the world to reach the end-user with our products. In most cases, we will test a new product in a limited number of stores or markets before rolling it out nationally. This minimizes risk for all parties.

Technology. We invest in technology to measure store-level transactions, which gives us a clear understanding of retail sales, inventory opportunities, store productivity, consumer buying trends, and much more. Incorporating quantitative research methods with our qualitative studies creates a powerful cross-section of knowledge that guides our new product development efforts. The daily discipline of analyzing this data also enables us to serve our trade customers with a great deal of accuracy, providing them with on-time, complete deliveries, and an extensive menu of electronic partnering capabilities to maximize efficiencies.

What We Do

"We stress creativity and imagination in everything we do."

- Vince Thomson