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Ashlee Hietanen, Marketing Manager

Ashlee joined the company in 2011 as Assistant Marketing Manager and was promoted to Marketing Manager in 2014. She attended Miami University in Oxford, OH for her undergraduate degree in psychology and went on to Cleveland State to get her Master's in Consumer and Industrial Psychology. While at Cleveland State, Ashlee was very involved in research and assisting with undergraduate classes, as well as working on her Master’s thesis which she is in the process of finalizing.

In the role of Marketing manager, Ashlee works on a wide array of projects, from managing customer set ups to preparation for sales meetings to handling our web presence. She assists in all phases of the product life cycle, from item creation to analyzing the product's success in retail. Additionally, she manages our direct import business with some of the world's largest retailers.

What does Ashlee enjoy most about the company? "I really enjoy working with individuals who are so passionate about what they do, and who are so committed to working together as a team."