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Vaultz® Key Replacement

To request a key replacement for your Vaultz®product please click here.

Vaultz® Combination Lock Instructions

  1. Plastic safety tab should be intact, woven through numbered dials, and all three dials should be centered on zero = 000.
  2. With safety tab still intact SLIDE square button away from numbered dials. This should result in release of latch into the open position.
  3. Set Lock Combination -
    1. Leave the latch in the open position.
    2. Carefully cut and remove plastic safety tab
    3. With latch still in the open position, SLIDE square button in towards numbered dials and HOLD it in this position. While holding the button, set each numbered dial one at a time.
    4. Roll numbered dial down until you reach your desired 3 digit combination. Make sure the digits are centered across the middle of the lock assembly.
    5. Now it is safe to release button
    6. With latch still in the open position, scramble numbered dials by rolling them down off of your chosen combination code. At this time you should not be able to slide the square button away from the numbered dials (mimicking a locked latch).
    7. Now, roll the numbered dials down and select your set combination digits/code. The square button should now easily slide away from the numbered dials (mimicking an unlocked latch).
    8. At this time press latch down in to the closed position and begin the use of your new Vaultz® Security Storage Product.

* Its very important that you remember your new 3 digit combination! Once you change the combination from 000 to your new number, you will be the only one who can access the box! * To reset your combination lock open the box with your current combination and then follow step #3, after entering your current combination. * If your Vaultz® product contains TWO combination locks please repeat steps 1-3 to set the second lock.

Vaultz Combination Lock Instructions Video